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Revised cylinder heads in cast form flow as much as the out-going BOSS 302 heads. D. 5:38. After you beat the boss you will see such a notice. Apr 28, 2018 · Home Forums > BOSS 302, GT350 and Mustang Forums > Boss 302 and S197 Technical Forum > Changing tune on a Boss 302- red key question Discussion in ' Boss 302 and S197 Technical Forum ' started by Drlee50 , Apr 28, 2018 . Then purchase a diagnostic. It was Ford's top-performing 302 and available for production years 1969 and 1970. 1, 8, 7, XP computer) or MAC APK for Free As the name suggests, CSR Racing 2 is the second version of the popular racing mobile game – CSR Racing. i need it tonight. Not exactly something you can do while at a red light or while on the road. \rAnd as always… Thanks for watching!\r[1. First conduct a test drive to establish a baseline. 8 miles per hour. How to find the best tuning setup in CSR2. 00 Ive got a customer with a 2012 Mustang Boss 302 w/track key he said that the car has two key sets one black for regular mode and a red for track mode my question is can car be tuned with this option or do I have to eliminate this option and just tune it? Nov 15, 2010 · You hold two keys: One has a black Boss logo, the other red: Either will start your 2012 Mustang Boss 302. Fastest Tune Hit Like, Share and Subscribe for Max Model 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Rating 415 541 Price $126,000 or 50 Gold Power 444 640 Engine 5. Mind that you should NOT use any of my recommended cars for the Elite Licence, then you can’t use it for the Tempest Races!!! Simply use any other car and fit fusion parts to get the Elite Licence. Trans Am competition in 1969, the Boss 302. it has a cap of 35mf at 100 vdc and a choke that looks like a small transformer 4,0 mh . 2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is based on the Shelby GT35OR concept and unlike the other Ford cars,everything is created on speed and maneuverability. 0l 5 star tuning boss 302 intake manifold kit with tunes (tuner optional) $ 1,295. Pretty much the title. 2015-17 Mustang. Cleetus McFarland Recommended for you. Very happy to learn your new Boss 302 is parked in your garage. 954) → CSR 2 Max out. ” What if Purchase this Ford Performance TracKey Calibration with a K&N Air Filter and a ProCal Tuner for your 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today! This premium kit includes a high flow air filter replacement and a Ford Performance ProCal tuner. Our performance chips & power programmers let you tune the engine in your 2012 Ford Mustang for more performance, towing power, or increased fuel economy. Mustang Boss 302 Horizon Edition tune: So a friend of mine had this car, which he got from an auction. 5. New Best tune for Boss 302 1⭐️ For CSR2 and the CSR series of games. In 1971, Ford offered only a two barrel version of the 302 motor. Yes, the future is now. am looking for who has it , not who might have it. com Get details about the 2013-2012 Boss 302 Mustang (5. TracKey is an exclusive Ford Performance calibration that provides added functionality to 2012-13 Boss 302 owners. Next Post. 20. Application. com. Can't find this Chopin Etude Op. The BOSS 302 "Laguna Seca" Gauge Package includes the gauge pod and three performance gauges, including engine temperature, oil pressure, and a performance status monitor. 9 Gen 2 front feed. We've got the best performance parts you need to beat the competition! Oct 14, 2015 · The 302 cubic-inch engine was developed as the powerplant for the first-generation Z/28 Camaro (model years 1967 through 1969). These modifications were developed as part of the 302 Tunnel Port design. 0L  BOSS 302 Mustang BOSS 302 Customers now have a Brenspeed Supercharger Package!! TracKey is a 50 state legal aftermarket engine performance software upgrade for the 2012-2013 Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca. The engine was introduced on April 17, 1969. Then move to: CSR Racing 2 Tune T3 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1/4 Mile! CSR2 Tuning Tips for 1/4 mile races: How to tune your Nitrous: This CSR2 tuning option allows you to control the duration and intensity of your nitrous injection for optimum performance under different race conditions. Boss 302 Intake Manifold Add serious horsepower and torque to your 2011-2019 Mustang with this Ford Racing Boss 302 Intake Manifold. Jan 15, 2016 · The bottom end still includes BOSS 302 rod bearings, high capacity oil pan, and billet oil pump gears. The Boss 302 block was essentially the next generation of 289 High Performance hardware, but features a forged steel crankshaft, 4-bolt main caps, and screw-in freeze plugs. tuner allows you to play with tire size and gear Nov 21, 2018 · A little under two weeks ago, the all-new ‘Legends’ update for CSR Racing 2 was announced. As far as raising the limiter to 7700 RPM, what all needs to be done to let the car make power and stay safe at that RPM? Jun 03, 2018 · CSR2 - Best Tune For Ferrari Laferrari (6sec1/2 Mile) eazy money\rFastest Car in the Game Tune \rHi dudes, hope you enjoyed the video!\rIf you did please drop a LIKE, COMMENT or even SUBSCRIBE for more CSR content. Whoever tuned it had the thing going 0-60 in 1. But these days, prices aren’t off to the races. The Myth Behind Dealer Flash Updates We receive a lot of phone calls asking what may happen if a dealer flashes your computer when it is at the dealer for service. CSR2 Racing iOS Team TNT 6,252 views. 540+ lift), TMOSS ported Oct 09, 2017 · I used a McLaren 650s to try and win Shaxs Agera R and just couldnt get the time I needed. Only at www. Mar 01, 2018 · The Boss 302 reappeared in 2012 with a 5. Top performer of the 90 degree family Production from 1969 to 1970 Available in Mustang 302 Sportsroof and Mercury Cougar Eliminator only Four bolt mains Screw in frost plugs Canted valves, 2. Then move to: CSR Racing 2 Tune T3 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1/4 Mile! So seems like they killed the mustang boss 302. I was concerned that after the nerf, the car might be unable to win that race, but my opponent ran 12. The Steeda tune came with clear instructions how to update my tuner, as well as how to load tunes. advertise blog help. Take your limited edition Boss to the next level and beyond with Hellion Power System’s 12-13 Boss Mustang twin turbo system. In mid May of 1971 Ford introduced a new version of the 351 Cleveland motor. After re-tuning the Mustang Boss 302, managed to run it at exactly its dyno stats Tune? level 2. I beat her and it wasn't that hard, then beat her for her car (again, not that difficult) without the super nitrous. For CSR2 and the CSR games It’s really helpful to know how fast a certain car can go in CSR2, either by deciding if you really want to take the effort to max it out or to see if you can use it for a certain challenge, boss car or in the Elite Licence. The Ford Racing BOSS 302 "Laguna Seca" Gauge Package is designed to fit the 2010 to 2014 Mustangs, including the GT, V6, and Shelby GT500 Aug 18, 2017 · So, it seems the only way to win a boss car is with super nitrous. Ford Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain Interchange: Small-Block Few things determine an engine’s personality more than cylinder heads, camshafts, and rocker arms. So Im going to strip two new 650s I just won and see if that gets me over the top. The huge plenum coupled with the long straight runners allows for increased airflow at upper RPM levels without sacrificing low-end torque. How to Find a Ford 302 Serial Number on the Motor by John Stevens J. A. . 3] CSR racing 2 - Tune for Ferrari Laferrari ( +3000 Evo Points) CSR2 - Best Tune May 12, 2019 · CSR2 unleashes the F1 to the racetrack in the new Legends feature and, as always, brought to life in jaw dropping detail! By lovingly restoring some of the most iconic cars in history, CSR2 will let you prove yourself a worthy owner of the F1 by collecting and restoring each of the 14 Legend cards on Izzy’s checklist found in the Legends Studio. 97 seconds, running the quarter-mile in 12. I will let you be sure to post back here on my opinion on the tunes and CAI stay tuned. This unique modwl is going to be the first Mustang’s model which is going to be produced with a right hand drive,compared to the Information, engine information and specs for the Ford 302 V8 Ford Engine. I just ran a time of 11. Jun 03, 2018 · CSR2 - Best Tune For Ferrari Laferrari (6sec1/2 Mile) eazy money\rFastest Car in the Game Tune \rHi dudes, hope you enjoyed the video!\rIf you did please drop a LIKE, COMMENT or even SUBSCRIBE for more CSR content. For CSR Racing on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), FAQ/Strategy Guide by lordmagnet. This was with the same exact tune as the WR. 396 for a fairly comfortable win. Timestamps can be found in the description. I am selling my Whipple 2. Forum CSR Racing (Jeuxvideo. I've changed the plugs and air filter, but don't think it's getting the power it should. You are going to need a time under 14. 2s to 13. Tunes/Times. After using bama for about 1 1/2 years I switched my setup to a Ported Boss Manifold, Accufab 85mm TB, and an Airaid Mxp, and it feels amazing, they upped my rev limiter to 7750rpm and it pulls like a freight train past 3500, and I felt no torque loss whatsoever. Max ratings in brackets are the highest ratings possible, achieved by removing some upgrades. Please feel free to edit or add to, when you have additional information such as a proven fastest time or a new car added to the game. 4 you'll win. 2019 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Unique Styling and Price. The top-end of the engine is where the updated 2015 Aluminator shines. The 302 "G" 4V 1969-71# Boss variant was produced between 1969 and 1971 and was the "big dog" of all the 302 engines. It utilized the block from a 327 cubic-inch engine, and a crankshaft from a 283 cubic-inch engine, resulting in a 302. to play it safer and get more life 400-420rwhp and good tune, it should hold up and Chances are --- unless they've been modified --- a set of exotic racing heads from a Ford 289, HiPo, 302, Boss or Tunnel Port may give you high-performance without the cost of buying them new from an after-market performance company. Mad Hatter Gotta go Faster. Join. Previous Post. In this article I will show you how you get the best possible tuning for every car setup and give you some of my extra tips that will help you for sure winning more races in CSR2. standard Boss 302), revised suspension tuning with unique spring and damper rates,  30 Apr 2019 r/CSRRacing2: For CSR2 and the CSR games-series. 12 "Ocean" sheet music? Try requesting it on our forum. 2" deck height, finished at 8. Search over 39,100 listings to find the best local deals. 6 seconds. 71 in '70 Cylinder heads from Ford's 335 Series family Threaded rocker arm studs Push rod guide plates Learn more about: 2013-2012 Boss 302 Mustang (5. Information, engine information and specs for the Ford 302 V8 Ford Engine. 3s, so even if he gets 13. Or choose red – the TracKey – and you have a competition-ready track car. 11 NO STAR (it’s a no star build) Next, we would look at this video: CSR 2 | Winning Tier Boss Cars Easy – Best Cars for cash and Times. 0L V8 under the hood of your 2015-2017 F150 is a capable motor that can handle big horsepower and torque without breaking a sweat, but to unlock its full potential, you're going to need one of the most powerful bolt-on upgrades out there: Ford Racing's Boss 302 intake manifold. Unlike the regular cars, you won’t unlock the cars and then can upgrade them, you need to restore them completely before you can do much with them, including tuning. Find the best Ford Mustang Boss 302 for sale near you. Please check out 2015-2020 Mustang Crate Engines and Blocks for an updated selection. The heads on the 351 4 barrel engine were very similar to the Boss 302 heads. 8s 1/2 mile. Tried to get them to fix it but could never get a live person on the phone. please put some sheet music of this piece up. However, I am wondering if I should even consider a V1 Ti tuner kit? I have a stock bottom end 302 with TW 170 heads, Lunati 20350711 cam (221/229 @ . 2. 0L Boss Block The legend is reborn with this all-new Ford Performance Boss 302 Engine Block! Stronger than the original! 4. Jan 15, 2017 · I beat KJ with my GTR R35 also. But he accidentally messed with the tune and reset it. Any updates on this tune ? Jul 25, 2011 · Just wondering if anyone has any advice on tuning up a 302 engine in a 1972 F-100. Summarized: Lotus is third fastest free T4 car, has a stage 5 tune for CTS-V. In the first part I will show you how you find the best tuning setup in general for your car in CSR2 – step by step. In that video, is it idling without the re-tune? Or is that after it was re-tuned? Also, of note, there isn't enough "self correction" in the system to correct for going from a stock manifold to the boss manifold. After a very disappointing 1968 racing season Ford designed a new engine specifically for F. Since its inception in 2011, the Coyote engine has produced north of 400 horsepower at the crankshaft for the Mustang GTs. 24 Trans, 24/78 tires slightly slow start, hit NOS right after second, almost all perfect shifts (like 2 good shifts is fine) and you'll run 13. These lowering springs deliver racer car-like performance to your Mustang. 0 L Coyote 'Road Runner' V8 Weight 3306 3084 Drivetrain Front-engine, rear-wheel drive Grip 6267 6890 Transmission 6-speed manual Gearbox 430 180 5/5 March 14, 2019. I finally beat 56 with the Cobra, and next up was race 57 and the Boss. 1. Potenza esplosiva! E' stato montato sulla Nissan ZEOD. Cant wait to get it. The 1971 Boss 351 could be called Ford's greatest performance small block motor. C. Chat here to look for players in need of a crew, or promote your own stats to other crews in need of new members! Here you can talk about HOW TO do things in CSR2, spread your tips tricks n' wisdom with the community or even learn something new! Sub-boards: Tune Marketplace Nov 26, 2018 · The csr racing 2 hack 2018 – CSR2 Cheats for cash & gold. Please check the rules before posting. Sep 01, 2010 · We build a 834 horsepower using a used 429 Ford Boss engine block and parts from Kaase, ARP, Comp, Scat, Federal-Mogul and MSD. 0L  BOSS 302 Mustang BOSS 302 Customers now have a Brenspeed Supercharger Package!! *The Steeda Mustang Power Pack w/ Boss Intake Manifold for your 2011-2014 Mustang GT peak gains in excess of 50 hp!* Ford Racing's 5. 3] CSR racing 2 - Tune for Ferrari Laferrari ( +3000 Evo Points) CSR2 - Best Tune AED Dyno Tune Chart on 2012 Boss 302 Discussion in 'TMO It's a nice Tuner. Each 12/13 Boss 302 will come with an all-black key that will start your car just like any ol’ Mustang. have looked alot The Boss 302. Easy. Done in Blue with white stripes over black cloth and very stock and ready for the new owner to have fun with. We also provide horsepower ratings for the 302 Ford V8. Customer service: 504-305-1232 Technical support: 504-287-6410 Email: [email protected] Address: 2333 Aberdeen St, Kenner, LA 70062, USA in the bose 302 cabinet there is a crossover for the 802 that sits on top. Hello, does anyone have or want to share a stock boss 302 tune file with the red key? In the repository is only one with the silver key. 400" Splayed 4-bolt main on 2, 3, 4, main caps Aug 06, 2012 · There is no arguing that the Boss 302 is a race-bread monster straight from the factory, We are kicking off the modifications to our 2012 Boss 302 with the addition a Steeda cold air intake, Dynatech headers, Flowmaster axle back and a dyno tune using SCT software. thanks for any help. My $1,100 Mystery Auction Car Has A CRAZY History! Famous Builder & Built Engine But, Will It Start? Apr 27, 2019 · Continue reading 【CSR2】Mustang Boss 302 (non star include), shift & tune for 11. It isn't as high as what you are expecting with the Boss manifold, but they can adjust the rev limiter. 3 seconds at 115. 0L Boss Intake Manifold paired with Steeda's proven high flow cold air intake system and custom SCT tuning produce awesome, usable top end horsepower gains without sacrificing overall torque vs a stock Mustang GT. But what I will say is the JMS PedalMAX here will give you some of the benefits of going with an aftermarket tune but without having to flash the car. There are many choices of Mustang’s to choose, but the BOSS 302 is in my opinion the best one. Download CSR Racing 2 on PC (Windows 10, 8. proud owner of 2013 PW Boss 302. Have fun, and Mod On! 302 Hi Pro 302 Hi Pro, Jul 3, 2016 #9. FM7 Engine Swap List and other engine details: FM7 Engines List - updated through Feb. 0 L Coyote . 1 NOS, 4. In case you didn’t know what today is, it’s the 50th Anniversary for the Ford Mustang! That is right 50yrs ago today the very first Mustang was born. IP means the information is In Progress and will be added when it becomes available. CSR2 Cheats. 2012-13 BOSS 302 Mustang Brenspeed 715R Corvette Killer 715HP Roush Upgrade Package - Roush 710R Package Brenspeed BOSS 302 715HP ROUSH TVS 2300 Supercharger Package 2012-13 5. 05-10 Mustang - 2005-10 Mustang Performance Parts. I agree with the T Springs, they lower the Boss just less than 1/2" front and a bit less than 1-1/2" in the rear. Free Shipping & Customer Support for your Fox Body, SN95, S197 & S550 Mustang. Nissan GT-R Nismo Z-Tune Modifiche aerodinamiche si abbinavano ad aggiornamenti meccanici al motore che riusciva così a sfiorare i 500 cavalli ; Motore Nissan Nismo 3 cilindri turbo è ad iniezione diretta con una potenza di 400 cavalli su 40 kg di peso. 910 with the Boss 302, about 0. 71" in '69, 2. The Boss motor option was called the Boss 351. Hellion’s 100% stainless steel, complete bolt in system is the most powerful aftermarket performance system available for the Boss 302. Ford V-8s have always struggled to make power because they’ve always been limited by factory cylinder head design. 4 points · 1 year ago. Three-Gauges Included. S197 Technical Forum - GT, Boss 302 and GT500 Discussion and Q&A related to S197 Mustang Maintenance, Suspension, Engine and Track Setup The Boss 302 Laguna Seca edition is a further upgraded version of the Boss 302. You can now put the same intake manifold on your Mustang that comes equipped from the factory on a 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. Boss 302 Track Key Available Again max performance. 0-liter V8 that made 444 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. As the Owner/Operator of O&E Speed Shop, we guarantee professional service with each visit. The CSR2 community is really working together and I have here a chart that will show you not only the best times for a Dec 15, 2018 · Take on the challenge of restoration to unlock the jaw dropping McLaren F1 and experience the brand-new single player campaign, cinematic Storm Drain Track … Continue reading CSR 2 Legends | MUSTANG BOSS 302 (No Star) Max Tunes , Final Times in Live Races & Shift! → CSR2 Legends is a new part of CSR2 where you can restore iconic and historical cars and add them to your garage to use them for races. 995" rough bore 8. the $3000 full rebuild (including stroking my 302 to 351) I got quoted was something like $2000 worth of actual rebuild (pistons, boring etc), $400ish for 351 crank and rods plus $4-500 for remove/refit and tune. { "meta" : { "view" : { "id" : "ddus-tiqp", "name" : "New Business List - September", "averageRating" : 0, "category" : "Business", "createdAt" : 1351778155 This banner text can have markup. BEST TUNE FOR YOUR BUCK. 0L 4-Valve Coyote Engine is one of the best motors to come out of Ford Motor Company’s headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The power plant was offered as both a dealer upgrade showroom car and as a "crate" racing engine for direct use in the Trans Am Series. 45 ohms 120 wraps. This is Ford's TracKey, a special key available to buyers of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 that, when used, switches the dual-path powertrain control module (PCM) from streetable pony car to 444 HP track-ready stallion. An event (Izzy's Challenge) requiring the Mustang Boss 302 was available between CSR 2 with bigger bhp jets and a nitrous controller which allows nitrous tuning. com) Statistiques générées le 04/08/2013 à 02:55:58 Pour accéder aux statistiques d'autres forums de Jeuxvideo. Ford will tune this car so it will be a mix of traditional and modern times. 820 vs my 12. Typical gains of 5-15 whp over unported manifold depending on application. When fitting a lower stage upgrade part, your tuning setup will change in 99% of the cases so you need to go to the tuning section now and tune for max EVO. About 8,600 Boss 302 engines were built. Some engines carry over from FM6 and FH2 but there are new ones in FH3 and some have been left out. Ive done T1 and T2 races so far. This is the first run against Altay and can be done without having to fully max out a car. Additions include Recaro sport seats, a Torsen limited-slip rear differential (both optional on the standard Boss 302), revised suspension tuning with unique spring and damper rates, and a larger rear stabilizer. This is probably the fastest possible tune. For 1969 and ’70, a buyer who wanted a great handling muscle car could pick up the track-tuned Mustang at their local dealer. To celebrate it’s birthday I decided to make a tune worthy of such an event. have looked alot Very hard to find color combo on this 2012 Ford Mustang BOSS-302 with only 21k miles. 1 in order to do so. 2012-13 Mustang Boss 302 FRPP Lowering Springs M-5300-T - Ford Racing has worked hard to engineer these high performance lowering springs for the Mustang. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. 757s. 31 fusion parts, 2 stage 6 upgrades (body, nitrous), tune to 202/4. 25 No. tricks. My $1,100 Mystery Auction Car Has A CRAZY History! Famous Builder & Built Engine But, Will It Start? Dec 16, 2018 · Mustang boss 302 max tune +806 - Duration: 5:38. 8. 23" x 1. Now that’s a great opportunity but only the fact that you’ve beaten the boss in the final race doesn’t mean anything now – the time needed to win that boss car is faster than in his final race!!! CSR2 Tuning Tips for 1/4 mile races: How to tune your Nitrous: This CSR2 tuning option allows you to control the duration and intensity of your nitrous injection for optimum performance under different race conditions. 7. The Mustang Boss 302 is a high-performance variant of the Ford Mustang originally produced . c est pire que ca. 0 L Coyote V8 Weight 3291 3059 Drivetrain Front-engine, rear-wheel drive Grip 6282 6786 Transmission 6-speed manual Gearbox 410 160 Boss 302 dyno - AED Tune -8100rpms Discussion in '2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustang' started by XSTANG, Sep 8, 2012. Could easily beat the bosses in all 3 races. I. moi j avais la plus puissante des mustang que j ai des boss sans acheter le nitro a 2euro50 il suffit d'avoit tuné au max et  Brand, Ford, Tier 3, Stock, Max. No one can claim yet what to expect from it. Dec 06, 2018 · James' Burnout Truck Hits the DYNO!! Ends HORRIBLY Was It Worth It?? (Cam Chop Level 9000) - Duration: 13:55. I only removed the head unit because i Shop 302 Ford Small Block V8 Distributor and Magneto parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. 5mm throttle opening. We found out that we would be able to restore old derelicts, race on a new drag strip in the LA river, alongside many other things. The only item needed with the T's is an adjustable Panhard Bar to recenter the rear diff housing. Posted by xiang wuoi on May 31st, 2010 at 2:16 am. com, cliquez ici Si vous avez plusieurs pseudonymes, vous pouvez les regrouper en vous inscrivant ici. 891sec 714 with +2004 ep. As always please like, comment, and subscribe and have a fantastic day! Hell no brother i wouldn't spend that many gold coins just for a no stars cars, at the end you will get the F1 MC laren one of the fastest car in csr 2 but i mean I own the javelin, Divo, GTX, veneno those are pretty fast cars and don't have to spend too many gold coins, but nice video haven't seen another video like this showing up how many gold coins you need to restore all this cars thanks Access Google Sheets with a free Google account (for personal use) or G Suite account (for business use). Mar 19, 2019 · Here is CSR2 Hack and csr2 max tunes. We have 65 Ford Mustang Boss 302 vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 16 1-Owner cars, and 68 personal use cars. 0 4V) superchargers and where to buy the ProCharger parts for the GT350 / Boss 302. CNC ported and hand finished for maximum flow. Jan 04, 2008 · stock 302 block, how much power can it take? thats kinda on borrowed time. I only have one goal, which is to give my clients the best customer support, prices, and service. Most Mustangs come with good power from the factory, but after a little while, it won't be enough. It shouldn't hardly idle at all, however, the blower is sending more air in at idle than without it. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sep 8, 2012 #1. 125" bore capacity, finished at 3. This is the highest tune I have been able to create for this car and I have not seen any this high before anywhere. A type of "stock-car" racing usually held on road courses, the series limited maximum engine displacement to 5 liters, or 305 cubic inches. 302 Ford Small Block V8 Distributor and Magneto parts in-stock with same-day shipping. my tuner is awesome and was able to pick me up 45hp and Apr 04, 2013 · I did a street tune with BAMA, no intake manifold upgrade at all, and they adjusted the rev limiter as part of their standard tune. The Windsor is also similar to the 351 Cleveland used in the exotic American-Italian hybrid DeThomaso Pantera. We analyze millions of used cars daily. in the bose 302 cabinet there is a crossover for the 802 that sits on top. If you love cars or you just want to get a realistic POV of how it is to drive various brands and types of cars, then this is your chance to do so. I love this graphic, but I think it really needs one more column: the 0-60/0-100 sprint time. Jul 22, 2011 · Some time ago, we covered the track times achieved with a dead stock BOSS 302 Mustang. Home; web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Preface Visit a major news Web site, read any major newspaper or business journal, turn on any major broadcast network like CNN, or tune into satellite radio news, and you will find an event, a crisis, or an issue that relates a corporation’s activities to ethical issues and implications. This is coming off my 2013 Boss but will fit any GT 11-17. Late Model Restoration is your #1 source for Mustang performance parts! As Mustang owners, we all know you can't keep the car stock. I did this set-up on my 3rd last cleveland, though it wouldn't pull big revs (5500 max) and had a baby cam, it did a 14. Boss 302 Track Key Available Again software upgrade for the 2012-2013 Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Find Thousands of 1979-2020 Ford Mustang Performance Parts and Accessories at Steeda. about careers press. Updated Times To Win CSR2 Boss Cars. Bottle warmer ensures maximum effectiveness when deploying N20. Before posting: Please check the rules (on the sidebar and in the pinned post on the front Mar 01, 2018 · We suggest you start here: CSR2 Golf GTi Tune SetUp Max Power v1. Lethal Performance is your high performance warehouse for all your Ford Mustang performance parts and tuning needs! Specializing in Mustang GT, GT500 and SVT Cobra Terminator vehicles since 2004. 990" to 3. Mustang Performance Parts. The Mustang 302 and Mercury Cougar Eliminator were the only models to feature the Boss 302. The Best Cars in CSR2 (R$ or Gold) One word of caution first, if you want to find out what cars are actually the fastest in CSR2, you might want check out the official world record stats here – but this guide here is for those that want to know what car is worth buying in the shop in CSR2. 893 (11. Below, we're listing all the base stats for every car in the game, and highlighting which car wins in each category. Save $21,601 on a 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Coupe RWD near you. Price, $365,500 or 58 Gold, Power, 444, 609. If would like to know more about the 302 or other Ford engine specs then Engine Facts can help. That data would be very helpful pointing out good cars to use for Tempest, and also help explain why some cars, while very fast on the track, are otherwise very sub-par for use in Tempest. Jul 12, 2016 · There are two 2018 Ford Mustang Boss 302 models- 302R and 302 S. Ford Performance Lowering Springs (12-13 Boss) may work on a GT, however because the Boss Mustangs have a lot of performance bonuses, the drop rate on the Boss springs may be for the Boss height which is different from the stock GT height. Sep 05, 2017 · CSR Racing 2 (CSR2) is a glorious overhaul of its predecessor, with its higher quality graphics, sounds, and familiar UI, you will surely enjoy this racing game on mobile. 02 seconds off I am trying to decide who provides the best tune for the BOSS 302. MAX TUNE+SHIFT PATTERN: – Mustang Boss 302 – 11. Model, Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca, Rating, 436, 547. x Full text of "intel :: insite :: INSITE pgmLibrManVol1 Aug79" See other formats This is a quick video on how to beat the Tier 4 boss and get his car. 72 at 117 mph time sl 2011-2014 f150 5. Its like their cars have double the performance all of a sudden. CSR Racing 2 – Vers. Mustang Boss 302 Forza Edition Riley MK XXVI Daytona Prototype 2015 #5 Pepsi Max Crew PRA Falcon FG X 2015 #17 Xbox Racing Ford Falcon FG X this Tune to my The Boss 302. Dec 16, 2018 · Mustang boss 302 max tune +806 - Duration: 5:38. 200" plus . However, on tier 3 boss battle I fully maxed my corvette c6 with ALL upgrades, then paid the mechanic to tune my car for five races (for 5 gold coins), then immediately entered the final boss race against Alieda. But when its time to race for pink slips, and i dont buy super nitrous, there is no way to beat them. Nov 22, 2019 · I have a 60 Falcon with a 78 302, what are some upgrades that I can do to squeeze a little more power from it? I know a head swap is a must, but I cannot do that till I have the funds. The Ford Boss 302 is a high-performance "small-sized" V8 engine manufactured by Ford Motor Company. How bad was the latest Boss Ford? In Motor Trend tests, it took its 3,621 pounds and went flying from zero to 60 in 3. I also live in the lower mainland B. Max ratings are with all upgrades fitted. Do other BOSS owners have any input that can help me make a decision? Thanks! My Mods are in my signature and I will be going to a procharger soon but wanted to see how it does with a tune right now prior to boost. 010" to . 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Click either image for high-res image gallery 2012 Mustang Boss 302 to come with special key for race calibration, free track day. All Boss Cars won in High Stakes Challenges and Pro cars are delivered immediately. 19 x 1. Mustang Tuners & Programmers Tech Info A Mustang tuner will enable you to change the settings on your factory tune for more performance and horsepower! It can also read engine codes (PCM Trouble Codes or DTC), adjust speed limiters and rev limiters, and also change speedometer readings for rear end gear swaps. 1. FH3 Engines List: FH3 Engines List This thread lists engine conversions and their details, along with the list of cars that feature the engine as an option. It is not compatible with any other vehicle. 015" Maximum recommended stroke 3. Mustang Boss 302 tuning. 38 at 115 mph on the factory stock tires. Notes. Mar 01, 2018 · We suggest you start here: CSR2 Golf GTi Tune SetUp Max Power v1. 4 quarter with 2. Now as far as using this thing with or without a custom tune, that's entirely up to you. 2015-19 GT Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers Install Package In this tech article HOT ROD performs a muscle car engine shootout comparing the hottest small-blocks from Ford and Chevy to find out who was truly king of the hill - Hot Rod Magazine Complete Boss Intake Manifold Package with Cold Air Intake & Tuning The Coyote 5. com, the official website for Car Craft Magazine. Learn why here. I am heavily considering a V3 Si tuner kit (with Heritage series gears) while prices are good over the holidays. 0 4V) at ProCharger. This is essential to still get the best time possible even with a car that has a lower PP. Updated List of Max Car Times/Tunes? For CSR2 and the CSR games-series. It features a massive 83. If you have a Mustang newer than 1989, CJ Pony Parts offers many Mustang computers & programmers that you can use to make your Mustang go faster and put more power to the wheels. He got 13. Best Coyote Mustang Performance Mods. Board Threads Posts Last Post; Looking for a Crew to join. Jan 31, 2019 · In the heyday of SCCA Trans Am racing, Ford brought the Boss 302 Mustang to market. Please keep in mind! Jan 18, 2019 · Want to quickly compare stats on all the cars in CSR Racing 2? Then this is the guide for you. However, once the 1990s hit, Mustang computers & programmers began to get significantly more advanced. 2018 DLC, Exclusives as released This thread lists engine conversions and their details. The special edition pony cranked out a 12. . Includes the great looking R8 Decennium and the Ultima RS is now the 4th sub 7 seconds car, and will be the third fastest overall. 'TracKey,' activates a May 01, 2003 · If we claimed we could make 400 hp with a stock Ford 302 short-block and the stock factory hydraulic-roller cam, you’d probably say, “No big deal, they’re probably using nitrous. Slide the all-black key into the lock cylinder, give it a twist and you’re treated to 444 ponies worth of smooth, streetable driving joy. Then, after being fitted for a pair of drag radials and feeding the engine with 110 octane go-juice, the BOSS stomped firmly into the elevens, with a 11. 302 BOSS. Ford Racing has done it again. A lot of tow truck drivers go for that set-up (302 heads on a 351) because of the massive torque response. 4 cubic-inch displacement. AmericanMuscle no longer carries the Ford Performance 302 CI 345 HP Boss Crate Engine w/ B303 Camshaft. I have been stuck on a Legends race with my Mustang Boss . Season #91 Max Tunes and shift patterns video. Mustang PCM Dealer Flash Updates. mcurr17. There’s no doubt that the 5. The Boss 302 was constructed with the Windsor 302 block and 351 Cleveland engine heads and had many performance alterations. 050 . The original version of this engine was used in the 1969 and 1970 Boss 302 Mustangs and was constructed by attaching heads designed for the planned 351 Cleveland (which debuted the following year) to a Windsor engine block The construction was aided by the two engines sharing a cylinder head Hello, I was just wondering what tune changes need to be made to account for a Boss 302 Intake Manifold. 77:1 diff and full Fairmont Ghia trim on stock wheels in 1995. carcraft. The Steeda tune cleaned up the midrange and it revs out faster to Apr 21, 2018 · A 7. Greatest gains will be seen when matched with other max effort parts. Ford’s 302 cubic inch small-block engine replaced the smaller displacement 289 in mid-1968. CSR Racing 2 Hack – CSR Racing 2 Max Model Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Rating 436 547 Price $365,500 or 58 Gold Power 444 609 Engine 5. My Mustang had a nasty torque dip stock and with previous tune at about 3k as it comes on the cam. Engine, 5. Just got done ordering Steeda's Boss 302 CAI and 93 cam idle tune and reg idle tune. Related Posts. 0-liter V-8 will add more ponies, while the special treatment for 2019 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is going to bring breathtaking results. 895sec *World Record* – 11. Which is why i've decided to do almost all of it myself. made by tran/scan part 121600 where can i find a replacement choke. Max Effort Street/Strip Cam Set The Comp Cams Stage 3 XFI NSR Camshafts will work with BOSS 302 heads. csr2 boss 302 max tune